North Carolina Long Range Shooting: Accuracy Shouldn’t Fail!

Riflemen in North Carolina spend days on end out on long range shooting ranges. When firing outdoors in the heat of the day, shot groups can begin to expand and the only relief is a water bottle [...]

Accessorizing a Rifle for Efficiency

Avid firearm enthusiasts know that no matter how quality a stock rifle may be, there’s never going to be that perfect one-size-fits-all unit right off the shelf. What feels natural for one [...]

5 Tips for Prairie Dog Hunting

Hunting prairie dogs is one of the most challenging and rewarding shooting sports and pastimes in the U.S., and allows a rifleman to really test his long-distance skills out on an open range. In [...]

AR-15 Accuracy Issues

Many firearm lovers become deeply excited at the prospect of purchasing their first AR-15 rifle, and for many it’s their very first rifle. Some purchase it for home-defense while others simply [...]

Texas Championship Shooting

Championship shooters in Texas often spend a lot of time and money not only working on their shooting abilities, but also on their rifles . Expensive accessories like scopes and stocks can help [...]

Texas Sharpshooting

Sharpshooters in Texas spend hard-earned time and money perfecting not only their sharpshooting abilities, but also their rifle. Necessary and sometimes costly modifications or accessories such [...]

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Minute of Angle(MOA): What is it and How do I Use it?

A Minute of Angle (MOA) is a precise angular measurement of 1/60th of a degree calculated to help scope producers make accurate adjustments in accordance to specific distances. Basically, 1 MOA [...]

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Don’t Get Kicked Off the Range [Range Etiquette]

Please, don’t be that guy. You know the one; the dude that’s whipping the barrel around as if it were no more harmless than a broom stick, his finger still on the trigger after firing down range [...]

How to Cool a Hot Rifle Barrel

A hot barrel can cause all kinds of issues when shooting, the worst of which being a loss of accuracy after only 3 to 5 shots. Other problems can occur, including a mirage effect from the heat [...]

Long-Range Sniper Accuracy Tips

When it comes to hunting and long-range competitive shooting, trimming down your fire group is all that matters to hit that prized buck or 6-inch target at over 700 yards. For all of your [...]

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