What It Does

Our innovative technology cools your barrel fast and evenly, quickly restoring your weapon’s accuracy.

When your gun barrel heats up from continuous fire, it becomes less accurate as the barrel expands and may warp, allowing the force charge to escape around the bullet. This often means waiting for your gun to cool down before you can accurately fire another shot. When you’re shooting for sport or at the range, that wait time is unacceptable and often expensive.

When you’re looking for a fast solution to keep you in the game, accept no substitute for the Original Barrel Cooler!

Gun Tested Rounds Fired Barrel Temp. After Firing Time Spent Cooling Barrel Barrel Temp. After Cooling Temp. Change Ambient Temp.
.308 Military Rifle 24 165°F 8 min. 104°F -61°F 60°F
.223 Rem AR-15 25 160°F 7 min. 100°F -60°F 71°F
7mm Rem/Mag
Browning Medalion A-Bolt
6 155°F 6 min. 102°F -53°F 73°F

How It Works

Our patent-pending technology uses the power of air to safely cool your barrel at an accelerated rate, providing an efficient solution to overheating issues. Simply choose the correct caliber cooling case for your firearm, screw it onto the cooling tube adapter and insert into the chamber to provide a positive seal, allowing fresh air to access the full length of the barrel. Our low cost device forces air through the barrel, cooling it faster and extending the life of your gun barrel (unlike liquid cooling methods that may damage your barrel). Simply put, you get to spend more time shooting and less time waiting!

Use It Anywhere!

With its compact design, our gun barrel cooler is ultra-portable and great for marksmen on the go! Powered by 4 AA batteries means you’ll have the convenience of never worrying about charging it before you go shooting.

The Bottom Line

You deserve a product that works anywhere and anytime you need it. If you enjoy extended periods of shooting and less downtime, The Original Barrel Cooler is a must-have tool in your range bag!