Texas Championship Shooting

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Championship shooters in Texas often spend a lot of time and money not only working on their shooting abilities, but also on their rifles . Expensive accessories like scopes and stocks can help push the rifle’s accuracy that much further to produce a winning group. But, despite having the best gear, an awesome rifle and championship-winning skills, problems will sneak up in the accuracy department. This can ruin any chance of winning.

The added heat of Texas can seriously affect the accuracy of your shots and diminish the lifespan of your barrel. A competitive shooter can take several precautions, like resting between every three to five shots to let the barrel cool down. Placing the rifle upright on the end of the stock to allow the heat out, wrapping the barrel with cool cloths, or the most controversial of all, pouring water over the barrel. Mostly, these types of practices aren’t really all that effective. For a shooter during a Texas championship, they can be a hefty distraction when the focus ought to be on the match and next shot. Championship shooters deserve a better solution for keeping their rifle barrels cool.

The best kept secret to keeping a barrel cool, and potentially snagging the championship title, lies in using a barrel cooler. Texas heat can cook your barrel to the point where it doesn’t shoot like it used to, but with a barrel cooler like the Original Barrel Cooler from Area 1 Sports, you can keep your competitive edge without unnecessary distractions. Cooling the barrel with air from the inside out, the Original Barrel Cooler reduces waiting time up to 60% and will maintain your accuracy! Get your Original Barrel Cooler now.

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