Accessorizing a Rifle for Efficiency

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Avid firearm enthusiasts know that no matter how quality a stock rifle may be, there’s never going to be that perfect one-size-fits-all unit right off the shelf. What feels natural for one shooter may feel clunky and awkward to another, so they go the route of customization.


Bipods – To reduce kickback and improve stability and accuracy, a bipod can be used in many different situations. Whether you’re shooting distance for fun with an AR-15, hunting, or participating in a precision competition, bipods are a great tool and asset to help make the best out of every shot.


Optics – Switching out the stock optics on a new rifle may be the most important replacement a shooter can make. New optics and scopes can be pricey depending on what you choose to buy, but you should expect to spend up to a quarter of your rifle’s total price for decent optics. Poor optics can frustrate many a shooter, leading to consistently inaccurate shots, so all rifleman should be sure their optics are quality without any tweaking.


Grips  – Replacing the grip depends entirely upon a shooter’s opinion of what feels best, but many riflemen often choose to replace grips because of awkward finger placement, uncomfortable hand and wrist positioning, or a grip that doesn’t grip well (for lack of a better term). Stock grips are often crude in design and can cause pain with some shooters after extended use. If this is you, replacing the grip might be the next step to improving your focus and accuracy.


Stocks – Depending on the type of rifle you own and how comfortable it is to shoot, it may be necessary to exchange the stock for something different to improve shooting stability. Some stocks just don’t sit right when firing from varied positions, while others are simply of flimsy quality. Again, depending on the rifle, you might choose between collapsible or fixed. The fixed stocks improve stability and are key for precision shooting, but collapsible stocks might be necessary for shooters with shorter arms, or if the collapsible stock feels better to the shooter. Although it is personal preference, changing the stock could dramatically improve the way you shoot.


Barrels – Generic barrels are not always the best option, especially for shooters seeking greater improvements in accuracy, like hunters, or competitive precision shooters. Be sure to test out various barrels from other rifles, ask around on forums and your local gun shop, and do your own research on what types of barrels are right for you and your shooting goals.


Triggers – This is another “personal preference” item, but can improve your comfort and focus when shooting, helping you to be more efficient on the range. There are many different kinds of triggers, like tactical, two-stage, single-stage, adjustable, non-adjustable, and so on, and each one has a specific feel to its operation that may feel great or horrible to you. Again, be sure to test out many different kinds and do your research to know which one feels best. A trigger might not seem like much of an improvement, but it can be a great aid to your general shooting technique, and might just help you to focus on the basics of shooting.


Other Accessories – One of the most important extra accessories a shooter can purchase is a barrel cooler. A barrel’s lifespan can greatly diminish without proper consideration for barrel temperature, and that’s more money out of your pocket. Barrel coolers also improve your accuracy after consecutive shots. The Original Barrel Cooler from Area 1 Sports efficiently cools your barrel from the inside out using air, quickly dispensing any heat from the chamber. By improving your accuracy throughout the course of your range time and reducing your wait time between shots by up to 60%, it’s no wonder a barrel cooler is one of the best firearm accessories to improve overall efficiency! You can purchase yours here. Some other important accessories worth looking into include scope mounts, backup iron sights, recoil pads, muzzle attachments (suppressors, flash hiders, etc.), slings, holsters, and handguards. Be sure to look into these other attachments to see what improves your shooting!

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