AR-15 Accuracy Issues

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Many firearm lovers become deeply excited at the prospect of purchasing their first AR-15 rifle, and for many it’s their very first rifle. Some purchase it for home-defense while others simply enjoy shooting and take it to a field or range to have a good time. However, by the end of the day at the range, the accuracy of the AR-15 plummets, and they can barely squeeze a decent shot out of it.

“What the heck is going on?” they might ask. “I paid a lot of money for this and it’s a piece of junk! How is this such a beloved rifle when it’s just plain bad?” Perhaps the answer lies in the way the AR-15 is being fired and not the weapon itself. In these kinds of situations, the individual fires shot after shot at the range without a care in the world, just happy that they can be shooting their AR-15, but what they might not take into account is the heat of the barrel.

A rifle barrel can become hot after only 3 to 5 consecutive shots, which causes the accuracy of the rifle to steadily decline. When an unknowing shooter purchases an AR-15 and fires hundreds of consecutive shots, the barrel will be so hot that almost no shot will ever be accurate. However, someone looking to have fun shooting doesn’t want to wait around after only 3 to 5 shots–they just want to shoot!

This is where a barrel cooler can become the AR-15 owner’s best friend.

With the best barrel cooler on the market, the the Original Barrel Cooler from Area 1 Sports, will allow you to decrease that waiting time by up to 60% and retain accuracy, allowing you to continue firing and simply having a good time. The Original Barrel Cooler allows air to properly flow from the inside of the chamber out, efficiently cooling the barrel without any potential hassle from water or other time-consuming methods. See what others are saying about the Original Barrel Cooler and pick one up here!

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