Accessorizing a Rifle for Efficiency

Avid firearm enthusiasts know that no matter how quality a stock rifle may be, there’s never going to be that perfect one-size-fits-all unit right off the shelf. What feels natural for one [...]

5 Tips for Prairie Dog Hunting

Hunting prairie dogs is one of the most challenging and rewarding shooting sports and pastimes in the U.S., and allows a rifleman to really test his long-distance skills out on an open range. In [...]

AR-15 Accuracy Issues

Many firearm lovers become deeply excited at the prospect of purchasing their first AR-15 rifle, and for many it’s their very first rifle. Some purchase it for home-defense while others simply [...]

Texas Championship Shooting

Championship shooters in Texas often spend a lot of time and money not only working on their shooting abilities, but also on their rifles . Expensive accessories like scopes and stocks can help [...]

Texas Sharpshooting

Sharpshooters in Texas spend hard-earned time and money perfecting not only their sharpshooting abilities, but also their rifle. Necessary and sometimes costly modifications or accessories such [...]

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Minute of Angle(MOA): What is it and How do I Use it?

A Minute of Angle (MOA) is a precise angular measurement of 1/60th of a degree calculated to help scope producers make accurate adjustments in accordance to specific distances. Basically, 1 MOA [...]

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Don’t Get Kicked Off the Range [Range Etiquette]

Please, don’t be that guy. You know the one; the dude that’s whipping the barrel around as if it were no more harmless than a broom stick, his finger still on the trigger after firing down range [...]