How to Cool a Hot Rifle Barrel

A hot barrel can cause all kinds of issues when shooting, the worst of which being a loss of accuracy after only 3 to 5 shots. Other problems can occur, including a mirage effect from the heat [...]

Long-Range Sniper Accuracy Tips

When it comes to hunting and long-range competitive shooting, trimming down your fire group is all that matters to hit that prized buck or 6-inch target at over 700 yards. For all of your [...]

The Best Gun Barrel Cooler For All Calibers

Cross Reference for Cooling Cases for The Original Barrel Cooler   Caliber                                         Dia. of case—below neck    Dia. case—primer end 17 Rem Fireball          [...]

Necessary Gear for Competitive Rifle Shooting

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How to Get Started in Competitive Shooting

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5 Tips for Rifle Accuracy

Every rifleman strives to be an accurate and consistent shot, whether for competitive shooting, prairie dog hunting, or simply for a day at the rifle range, but we can tend to lose sight of the [...]

Effects on Rifle of a Heated Barrel

A hot barrel is a barrel you can’t trust. Because of several negative effects of heat on a barrel, precision shooters have had to suffer wait times and damage to barrel longevity.   Accuracy [...]