Texas Sharpshooting

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Sharpshooters in Texas spend hard-earned time and money perfecting not only their sharpshooting abilities, but also their rifle. Necessary and sometimes costly modifications or accessories such as scopes, stocks, and so forth can help to push the rifle’s accuracy that much further to produce a winning group. However, despite having a great rifle, a perfect assortment of gear, and professional sharpshooting skills, trouble can always sneak up in the accuracy department and ruin a winning grouping.

Sharpshooting in the Texas heat can do a number on your rifle’s barrel and, in effect, your precious accuracy. A sharpshooter can take several precautions to combat this, such as taking a break between every 3 to 5 shots to let the barrel cool down, resting the rifle upright on the end of the stock to let heat out more efficiently, wrapping cool washcloths over the barrel, or even pouring water over it. However, none of these methods ever seem to be efficient or make the kind of impact needed to make any noticeable difference in accuracy.

The secret for the sharpshooter lies in using a barrel cooler. The heat of Texas can bake your barrel to the point where it doesn’t shoot like the rifle you knew, but with a barrel cooler like the Original Barrel Cooler from Area 1 Sports, you can get back to focusing on the shot instead of the state of your firearm. By cooling the barrel with air from the inside out, the Original Barrel Cooler can reduce your waiting time up to 60% and maintain your accuracy and the life of your barrel for the long haul! You can pick up the Original Barrel Cooler from Area 1 Sports here.

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