• I've been using the Barrel Cooler for over three years, it's never let me down.  I compete in international shooting competitions in Germany and Austria with challengers coming from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Italy.  Once settled you can shoot as many 5 shot strings as you want.  The problem is that after 10 rounds my barrel (and most everyone else's barrels) got too hot and the target disappears in the barrel heat. You HAD to stop, often when your rhythm had just begun to click. Using this barrel cooler between shots and between target change-outs kept the barrel from shimmering, it enabled me to shoot better and to even win one competition. I had lots of interest from the Europeans, they'd never seen anything like it.  It has the power to cool the barrel, I have tried three different coolers in total. This one is the best by far.  Excellent quality, well made.  I suggest any competitor keep at least one in his range bag.

    W. B. Apo, NY
  • I have been using the Original Barrel Cooler for over a year now at matches and for load development at the range. Nothing beats the design and airflow from your device.  Before this, I used the little yellow one as did most of my fellow shooters. Everyone saw how much better yours worked, now all I see is blue barrel coolers on the firing line, everyone has trashed the little yellow ones.
    I still keep showing it off, not only to competitors, but also to hunters who are waiting forever for their barrels to cool while testing loads at the range.
    They all say the same thing, using the cartridge to insert into the chamber is genius and they are surprised at how fast it cools down the barrel.
    Just wanted to say thanks for making a great device that works!
    S.G. South Carolina
  • Dear Sirs - I recently bought one of your barrel coolers and several rifle caliber fittings. I had it at my local gun range last weekend and it really works great. I only had 5.56 caliber rifles with me, but you could place your hand in front of the flash hider and feel hot air being blown out of barrel. It did cut my cooling time in half when I was ready to load up and leave. Thanks W.

    W.P. Henderson, TX
  • I recently purchased the Original Barrel Cooler and used it to cool the barrel of my 6.5 Creedmoor. I was happy with the end results as it meets its claims for cooling down a hot barrel. This got my interest to testing the air flow of this product and used a method that I saw on a youtube video, where the airflow from two other brands was focused on a calibrated powder scale. The other brand of barrel coolers that had air flow ratings of 7 grain and 19 grains, and the original barrel cooler was 24 grains. Stand to reason the greater the air flow the faster the barrel cools. This was a good buy and I recommend it to all serious shooters. Thank you.

    S. J. Orange, VA
  • Outstanding performance today. The Original Barrel Cooler had a real work out today at an F-Class Match at the Polk County Gun Club in Columbus North Carolina. Temps were right at 95, with full sun. This was a walk and paste match so we had to walk down 300 yards score, paste and walk back. By the time I got back to the rifle the barrel was cool. I was amazed how well it performed in these temps. I finished in third place this month but the spread between first and third was one point. First and second were tied with x's as the difference.

    J.L. Hendersonville, NC
  • I have used this Barrel Cooler for just about 1/2 a year. I have done my own testing and have to say it's great. I use a silencer a lot and they get way hotter than any barrel. It takes the temperature on both the barrel and silencer down way faster than ambient air. I enjoy target shooting and now have the ability to shoot at a temperature that I like, and my guns like. Without this tool I am at the mercy of the day's temperature. Not any longer... Way less wait time for shooting groups...Thanks Barrel Cooler.

    J.M. Milwaukee, WI
  • The Barrel Cooler works even better than anticipated. So far I've used the .204 and the .223. Even in 90+ degree Tennessee summer heat the cooling time has been substantially reduced. Great Product!

    R.M. Columbia, TN
  • I have used your product "The Original Barrel Cooler" several times in the past few months. I am really impressed with how quickly it cooled the barrel of my Browning BAR 308. On previous occasions when I would go to the range to do target shooting and /or sight in the scope on my BAR 308 it seemed like it took forever for the barrel to cool off so I could get accurate shots again. Using the barrel cooler reduced the time to a few minutes. It was easy to use and also was very quiet. I certainly will recommend this to my friends.

    K.S. West Bend, WI