North Carolina Long Range Shooting: Accuracy Shouldn’t Fail!

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Riflemen in North Carolina spend days on end out on long range shooting ranges. When firing outdoors in the heat of the day, shot groups can begin to expand and the only relief is a water bottle and a wooden overhang. Long range shooters want to keep their accuracy over the course of an entire day out at the range. Who wants to compromise anyway?


North Carolina long range shooting ranges help a rifleman hone his/her skills with a firearm by forcing them to focus on shooting the most accurate grouping. This helps with other applications and skills as well, such as hunting. But as the day goes on, your barrel overheats, the heat of the day stays, and the fire groups continue to expand to the point where it looks like you only got worse with practice! What can a long range shooter do?


There have been age-old techniques among riflemen to cool their barrels, but none have been effective enough to make a crucial difference. Some shooters have poured slightly cooled water over the barrel, while others put a cool, damp cloth around the barrel while shooting. Other methods include holding the rifle upright on the stock to allow the heat to properly exit the barrel like a chimney between shots. These methods may be of some temporary help, but the consistency of results is less than stellar and the hassle of constantly using poor techniques is enough to drive a shooter to madness!


Fortunately, there’s a solution that has begun to catch on among North Carolina long range riflemen, and that’s using the Original Barrel Cooler. A rifle barrel only needs 3 to 5 shots fired before it begins to lose accuracy from the heat emitted, but the Original Barrel Cooler cools your barrel from the inside of the chamber out, dispersing the hot air and saving your accuracy. With your wait time between groups decreased by up to 60%, you can continue to fire long range and not have to worry about your groups expanding to the point of being unrecognizable from the first!

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