Prairie Dog Shooting Burning Your Barrel?

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Prairie Dog shooting is a great way to practice long range shooting skills but you’ll run into the same issue we all do – our barrels get overheated while we’re trying to pick off those little varmints.

Not only is accuracy affected but so is speed and knock-down power. If you’re in the hot sun, after a few shots you’ll find you have to take a break from shooting because your barrel is burning hot. Waiting for your barrel to cool down wastes time. It doesn’t matter if you’re paying to shoot prairie dogs or if you’re paying for time at the range – more time equals more money wasted. Wouldn’t you rather spend that extra dough on more ammo? I know I sure would!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something easier? Now there is!

The Original Barrel Cooler is new patented technology that cools your rifle barrel quickly and evenly. It works with the power of cooled air. It was designed by a rifle shooter for rifle shooters so that you can spend more time shooting and less time waiting.

Just screw on the cooling tube adapter and insert into the chamber to provide a positive seal, allowing fresh air to access the full length of the barrel. The way this low cost barrel cooler works is by forcing air through the barrel, cooling it faster and extending the life of your barrel. This is even easier than your cell phone because it’s powered by 4 AA batteries which means you don’t even have to charge this thing.

Less waiting around, more firing. With the our barrel cooler it’s finally possible!

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