Shooting With a Hot Barrel

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The hot barrel debate can be heard at ranges across Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and even Virginia. Experienced shooters all have an opinion in regards to firing frequency, barrel temperature and effects on accuracy.

If you live in Texas and are shooting a SPS 700 Tactical or other rifle, you will experience accuracy problems. If you live in Georgia and shooting an AR-15 you will experience accuracy problems –  it doesn’t matter what rifle you’re firing – if it’s hot outside the ambient temperature alone can wreak havoc on your barrel and your accuracy.

What’s worse is that one experienced marksman will tell you you’re firing too many rounds too fast causing your barrel to get too hot and that you should only fire six rounds in an entire hour. While another veteran rifle shooter will advise that your barrel is a consumable and therefore just a cost of the sport and that it’s impossible to keep a barrel cool.

If only someone came up with a solution to keeping your barrel cool, that would end this hot barrel debate once and for all, and solve the problem for hot barrels and bad shooting.

The Original Barrel Cooler is new innovative technology that cools your barrel fast and evenly, which restores your weapon’s accuracy. You can now regain your accuracy while shooting in the hot sun.

Extend your barrel life while safely cooling your gun’s barrel. This patent-pending barrel cooling technology is available to fit most gun barrels. It’s simple, no-mess and uses air, not liquid to cool down your gun barrel.

The best way to cool down your gun barrel is this new breakthrough technology with The Original Barrel Cooler which is simple and effective. Users are saying “The Barrel Cooler works even better than anticipated” “I am really impressed with how quickly it cooled the barrel of my Browning BAR 308” and “ I have used this Barrel Cooler for just about ½ a year. I have done my own testing and have to say it’s great. I use a silencer a lot and they get way hotter than any barrel. It takes the temperature on both the barrel and the silencer down way faster than ambient air.”

Increase your accuracy and reduce your wait time – there’s nothing better out there when it comes to cooling your gun barrel.

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