Hot Barrel Got You Bothered?

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When target shooting, bang steel gongs, prairie dog shooting, or just sighting in your new rifle and scope, depending on the caliber, it does not take long before you have generated enough heat that you can no longer hold onto the barrel. At this point in time you have lost accuracy, and in all probability, cannot hit a 4’ X  8’ sheet of plywood at 300 yards.

Your barrel is too hot.

When a rifle fires it sends a 5,000 degree flame up your barrel and after as few as just 4 shots that heat radiating off your barrel distorts your field of vision. Not only do waves of heat affect your view of your target, the barrel actually melts each time you fire which means even if your vision wasn’t affected, your barrel has changed ever so slightly. At a range of 500 yards, you know what even a sliver of a change means in hitting your target.

Overheated rifles can also jam and possibly the most frustrating of all, is allowing your barrel to remain hot for extended periods of time will shorten the life of your barrel.

Before you resort to pouring cold ice water down your barrel which means you have to then take the time to thoroughly dry your barrel before firing again; or maybe the old Buffalo hunter trick of urinating on your barrel, wouldn’t you like a less messy, 21st century solution?

Instead of forking over $400 for a new barrel, dealing with the stench of your own urine or the tedious task of drying off your barrel, wouldn’t you rather spend just $49.95 for a solution?

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