Effects on Rifle of a Heated Barrel

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A hot barrel is a barrel you can’t trust. Because of several negative effects of heat on a barrel, precision shooters have had to suffer wait times and damage to barrel longevity.


Accuracy can quickly decline after only 3-5 shots of a rifle, causing a precise fire group to expand several inches. This issue plagues hunters and competitive shooters in warmer states like Texas and many attempt to either construct their own gadgets to combat the problem, or find tedious exercises to cool a barrel with inconsistent results.


Despite a loss of accuracy from a hot barrel, the heat by itself can be an issue. Heat waves emitted can distort your sight on the target in such a way that the target will appear higher than it is. At worst, your vision of the target will be obstructed down the sights. These kinds of complications are even more prevalent in warmer climates.


The life of a barrel can significantly decrease with the effects of overheating. Over time, with constant expansion and contraction of a rifle barrel, the metal can become warped. This warping, though potentially minimal with proper care, can be drastic enough that it can diminish the accurate life of a barrel. Consistent sustained firing can further lower the accuracy life of a barrel up to 1,000 rounds, and less barrel longevity means more money out of your pocket for new barrels.


Fortunately, Area1Sports has developed the most efficient barrel cooler on the market. The Original Barrel Cooler cools your barrel evenly so you can return to firing faster. No more waiting, no more cumbersome techniques that barely seem to work, and no more inaccuracy. Extend the lifetime of your barrel, seriously combat damage and warping over time, and save money in the long term on new barrels. Heat kills accuracy, but a cool barrel is a barrel you can trust.


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